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Noble, strong and beautiful. Let's go to the city with Dandiaroha!

Dandiaroha is good, the collar, and tailoring.

  • 1. Cool Aloha is determined by the pattern.

    The inside of a male kimono is a noble, strong, beautiful pattern that expresses the strength of a man. You can wear the pattern selected by a smart man who enjoys fashion without showing it outside as the current Aloha.

  • 2. The man is determined by the neck.

    The tension and a slightly standing neck change the values ​​of the Aloha shirt.

    The best collar fetishero, which is also recognized by the collar fetish man.

  • 3. The goodness of tailoring enhances the dignity of a man

    Even if you keep wearing a tailored shirt, the mold will not collapse and the taste comes out. Dignified clothes further increase the value of a man.

Ginza Aloha

Quiet and strong Ginza Aloha

Ginza, Tokyo, an adult town.

Let's go to Ginza in Dandiaroha!

Ginza Aloha is the one and only the highest quality Dandiaroha made from the finest kimono.

Ginza's mom who is familiar with kimono falls in love with the highest quality Aloha.

Wear a noble, strong, beautiful kimono, and go to Dandy to the city!

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Shibuya Aloha

Only today!

A town where young people gather, and Shibuya in fashion.

In Shibuya Dandyuroha, the tiger, carp, and dragon pattern stand out, so you can enjoy Dandy perfectly even in the crowds of Shibuya.

Let's enjoy me only today by wearing the only and dandiaroha that stands out with the glossiness of the kimono that is not found in Print Aloha!

Get a noble, strong, beautiful, dressed in kimono, and go to the city to Dandy!

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Shinjuku Aloha

Shinjuku Aloha, a singing man

If you notice, you will go to Shinjuku. Shinjuku Aloha is recommended for you.

Aloha is recommended for Shinjuku, a town where people gather, is a playful and only full -fledged luxury Aloha. Dandy is cool in a unique city, and turn women!

Noble, strong and beautiful. Let's go to the city with a stylish kimono!

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Pattern match authentic Aloha manufacturing method

We incorporate a unique manufacturing method that combines kimono traditional techniques (pattern matching) and authentic Hawaiian Aloha sewing technology.

The kimono pattern is to adjust the arrangement of the pattern so that it looks the most beautiful when worn. It is necessary to perform this pattern and make kimono as a full -fledged Aloha shirt.

Dandiaroha is a product that overlaps the part of the body's commitment in which the kimono purchase, selection, unwilling, button production, design, and sewing areas are linked.

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  • Carefully selected kimonos that make dandy more luster

    Dandiaroha is a product that up -cycle of real kimono. The kimono used in Dandiaroha is a special kimono that specialized staff carefully selected carefully from among several tons of kimonos. You can enjoy the original gloss and the unique kimono, the unique texture of the pattern, and the unique texture. Antake kimono silk uses ancient Japanese silk, and there is an unforgettable impression once worn once worn, the smooth smoothness and the comfort.

    It takes a lot of time and effort to up -cycle kimonos. Users of welfare facilities in Fukushima Prefecture are carefully solving one by one.

    A unique gem. We make the effort and time generously to make Dandiaroha.

  • Wooden buttons with a hot and fragrant wooden wood that stand out

    Fruit Kingdom Fukushima is cultivated by seasons such as apples, pears, and peaches.

     Usually, a woodworker in Fukushima Prefecture carefully makes buttons carefully by using the selected fruits of the discarded fruit trees. The woodworker speaks when the fragrance of the fruit is cut out.

    The fruit button feels the warmth of the wood that is not found in the plastic button for the touch and lightness.

    The buttons with different tastes are further enhanced by Dandiaroha.

  • One and only technique finished by authentic Hawaiian costume craftsmen

     Dandiaroha is all one point. Taking a short anti -width kimono fabric with a handle and tailoring it into a full -fledged Aloha with a perfect pattern like a picture requires advanced cutting techniques and sewing power. In addition, the neck, which is indispensable to Dandy, is sewn technology, making a soft and tension collar without ironing.

    The craftsmen in charge have more than 60 years of experience, such as men's clothing, women's clothing, prodorte, and Hawaiian costume full order, and also have worked on the movie "Hula Girl" costumes.

    Dandiaroha, who has only one in a world where the craftsman's commitment is outstanding, makes you even more prominent!