Fukushima Aloha Project Collaboration System

Fukushima Aloha Project works in collaboration in Fukushima.

 Kumada Orchard:

It is an orchard in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture.

Peach, apples, pears, etc. are growing many fruit trees.

In order to provide a delicious and large fruits to customers,

Having a fruit tree has been grown for many years.

Kumada's fruits are also the children in Shirakawa City

It is provided,

In addition, direct sale place in orchand, direct sale place of Seigo village (whole west

It is sold in the town).

In Fukushima Aloha Project

We offer a fixed branch (material of button).

Direct for sale: Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture Shonuma Kannon 15

Face Book:https://www.facebook.com/i.l0ve.fruit/


Rose wood

Active as Wood CREATER in Motomiya City, Fukushima Prefecture

Rose Wood.

We sell wooden miscellaneous goods.

CREATER Takahashi-san makes use of the experience of the fittings and various

Woodworking products are manually created one by one point carefully


If you are making a button from the pruning branch of the fruit trees, "Fragrance of the fruit trees

"Takahashi" is sister.

Rose Wood full of kindness and warmth

The button further enhances the charm of Fukushima Aloha


address:Honomiya Honomiya Miya, Miya, Fukushima Prefecture (next to the Big Honomiya Parking lot)



home page:https://yukihamee.wixsite.com/website

Imaizumi Women's College

A vocational school aiming for women's independence in 1920 (1920)

As "Koriyama Court Satoru School"

Traditions and historical fashion professionals founded in Koriyama City


Professional department fellendia as a professional program

Among them, the course fashion creature

It is divided into courses.

In this Fukushima Aloha project, the diversity product

I am in charge of design. From welfare facilities

Based on the results of the questionnaire survey, the diversity of the young power of students,

Thinking about design for sustainable, Fukushima Leasature concept

I am received. Design competition and based on the results of the competition

It will be selled sequentially (as IMAJO design).

Now, the competition site is being held in the contestFrom here

home page:http://www.imajo.net/index.html


East City Creature Co., Ltd.

It is a company that aims to circular society through reuses with shops in the eastern Japanese area.

We offer a wording this time.

Sales of Tokyo City and sales in the store and mail order are also planned.

home page:https://tohto-create.co.jp/


Yuki Welfare Party:

A welfare facility located in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture.

This time I was cooperated with the questionnaire survey in terms of the diversity of Mt. Aloha.

From the edge, El Shirakawa of Yuki Welfare Association

I'm in charge of kimono Shirakawa.

Kimono is a very patient way,

It is a very important task while playing kimono.

We carefully keep kimono carefully to the facility users.

(Regional Life Support Center El Shirakawa)

https://www.yuju294.or.jp/ Regional Life Support Center El Shirakawa /

(Regional Life Support Center Flat Shirakawa)

https://www.yuju294.or.jp/ Regional life support center flat Shirakawa /


Sewing nagai:

It is a sewing company in Seigo village in Fukushima Prefecture.

I'm sewing of Fukushima Aloha.

Mr. Nagai, who is mainly responsible for sewing, is now 81 years old.

In the experience of developing as a tailor from men's clothing to women's clothes from 14 years old

The technology obtained by is positive traditional traditional technology of Japanese sewing.

There is a technical technology that can not imitate with other trading sewing companies.


Joint company watasi japan (childcare woman):

It is a company that sells clothing utilizing kimono.

NHK, such as domestic and foreign media, has been featured.

Production management is caring in childcare.

In the Fukushima Aloha Project, we are making sales planning of kimono.