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Popular pattern! [Travel safety, lucky lucky lucky charm] Tiger pattern Aloha

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Only today!

A town where young people gather, and Shibuya in fashion.

In Shibuya Dandyuroha, the tiger, carp, and dragon pattern stand out, so you can enjoy Dandy perfectly even in the crowds of Shibuya.

Let's enjoy me only today by wearing the only and dandiaroha that stands out with the glossiness of the kimono that is not found in Print Aloha!

Get a noble, strong, beautiful, dressed in kimono, and go to the city to Dandy!

Dandiaroha is a gem that has been carefully selected by a specially selected kimono by a professional staff without a compromise. From the past to the future, Dandiaroha is the only one in the world that takes over traditional culture and keeps Japanese technology.



 Pattern: tiger

The tiger has a strong momentum and is sometimes said to be "Senri in one day and returns Senri", so it is a lucky charm that wishes for the safety of travel. Also, if the money that comes out returns immediately, it may be a symbol of "lucky".

Collar: Soft collar

It is tailored to the elegant and soft collar. A pattern is placed so that the tiger looks like it is appearing from the neck.

Design: We perform pattern matching with advanced sewing technology.

Size: L (American size)

The size table isFrom here

Short sleeve

Material: Wool

Button (wooden button made from apple tree pruning branches)

* This product is up -cycle of vintage men's undergarments. Please purchase some stains for some stains.